Monica Nashay

Monica Nashay
Hometown: Pensacola, FL; currently living in Atlanta
Instagram: I Am Monica Nashay
Videos:Tre Songz feat. T.I. “2 Reasons”
Future “Ain’t No Way Around It”
Wacka Flocka Flame feat. Drake “Round of Applause”
Waka Flocka Flame feat. Wale and Roscoe Dash “No Hands”


Raparazzi: With so many models being light, bright and damn near white, is a thing being of a darker tone?
It’s definitely a thing but only in Atlanta. When I’m in D.C. or L.A., you’re either pretty or you’re not pretty. Here in Atlanta, they say “you’re pretty for a dark-skin girl” or they say “you have light-skin features.” What are light-skin features? I’ve gotten used to it now. I just laugh and keep going.

What’s your relationship status? My fingers are crossed that you’re single.
Yes, I’m single, unfortunately. I have a few prospects for boo season, for the cuffing season.

What are the criteria for being your boo?
He has to have a good sense of humor because I’m a sarcastic asshole. Please don’t be stupid because my sarcasm will go over your head. It’ll be no fun. Stability- because nowadays, a lot of men lack that. You have to be able to dress really well. Goals- he has to know what he wants. I hate the confused boys that don’t know if they like boys or girls…I’m in Atlanta so there are a lot of undercover, down-low boys.

You didn’t mention anything about looks.
I’m not really into looks. I base it off personality. I’ll date the ugliest one in the bunch as long as you’re a good person and if you’re a benefit to me while I’m a benefit to you.

I’m sure he has to be beneficial in the bedroom as well.
More than likely. I’ve never really dealt with somebody unfortunate. I choose wisely. Usually, the guy is my boyfriend and I already know before we get there.

What if he’s fortunate in size but is a limp noodle?
Ok…see, that’s a problem. I would hate to run into a man with a big peter and he doesn’t know what to do with it. That would be devastation to my soul. We might have to break up.

What if his tongue game is on point?
I don’t care about all that. That means I can go get a girlfriend if that’s the case.

That would indeed be a terrible thing. Just the thought would tear my soul to pieces.
Oh, please. You would enjoy that. Any man would enjoy that.

Yeah, if I’m participating. If I’m the cream filling between two Oreo cookies, then, yes, I would enjoy that. So what part of your body do you think gets you the most attention?
I’m well rounded so no part of my body doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. People compliment me on my smile the most.

Oh, you have a smile? I didn’t even notice that you had a head.
(Laughs) Every man notices my smile. They love it…after they look up. But in the urban world, I guess it would be my butt.

Yes, and what a beautiful butt you have! Can you make it clap?
I think every woman can make it clap.

I don’t think so. You have to actually have to have ass in order for it to clap.
I’ve always had ass, so I never thought about not having ass.

Can you make it clap loud enough to wake the neighbors?
Yes…and it can be, especially when you oil your ass up and if you’re in a spot where it echoes, it sounds even louder.

That’s enough to make any man happy.
I’m a pleaser. I’m a Pisces. We are submissive in the bedroom.

Does it have to be only in the bedroom? Could we possibly get busy in a crowded movie theater?
If he’s my world, it doesn’t matter. I’d do anything, anywhere: movie theater, bathroom stall, on top of the hood of the car, the parking lot at Walmart. It doesn’t matter.

Even freakier than I thought.
Sometimes, going into the bedroom just to have sex can be kind of lame. I like excitement, spontanueity. If you’re in the moment, you might as well do it right then and there. Sometimes, you can’t hold it. You have to just stop and take care of that right there.

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